The Work Lounge is a supplement to your permanent workplace. Our Work Lounge is place where you can work in a different environment, meet new people and be inspired. The venue is centrally located and easily accessed, making it ideal for business travellers and well suited for meeting activities. We will help you stay connected to the community and receive updates when you are away.


- Access to meeting rooms & telephone booths
- Free coffee & sparkling water

- Discount in our Food & Drink bar
- Discount on event venues

- High speed internet
- 1 month binding time

Monday to Friday - 08:00 to 17:00

kr 790 per month (ex.VAT)

Meeting Rooms
With the Work Lounge membership you can fast and easy book meeting rooms through our electronic booking platform. Choose between 30 meeting rooms that can be booked with just a click of a button.

Up to 4 people: 150 nok/hour
Up to 6 people: 250 nok/hour
Up to 10 people: 350nok/hour