Work Lounge

790 kr

Our Work Lounge membership is an offer to professionals who have a business address somewhere else but who wish to be more closely connected to our network.

  • The Work Lounge is a supplement to your permanent workplace. It is a place where you can work in a different environment, meet new people and be inspired.



2190/3190 kr

Our desk membership is for ambitious entrepreneurs and creatives who thrive in a co-operative startup culture.

  • Work, network and share experiences in an environment designed to accelerate your project and simplify your workday.



From 7 500 kr

Our office membership is for growing teams of 2 to 40+ people

  • Be around other ambitious startups while creating your own internal culture.



Our Corporate Innovator Program is for companies who can benefit from and contribute to the startup scene.

  • Become an integral part of the startup community by connecting your selected decision makers and business developers to our digital network and physical startup hub.




Our community membership gives you access to what is happening at MESH.

  • Be part of our extended network, stay updated on the startup scene and get invited to our community events!