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Thomas Prestgaard from Anadigme is offering a free half-day course in Google AdWords. The course will be at MESH and will be held in English if there are one or more attendees who don't speak Norwegian.

Is AdWords and this course for you? 

Do you have a business that sells products or services that people are searching for on Google? If the answer is yes, then AdWords is most likely for you.

What sets search engine marketing apart from other marketing platforms is that your ads are being displayed where potensial customers are already looking for what you offer. This is an easier sell than in other types of media where an ad is a distraction.

This is course is for complete newbies or people with very little experience on Google AdWords. Contact us for more advanced courses.

Due to limited capacity the course is reserved for businesses only. 

Do you need help optimizing your results on Google AdWords for your business? Click here. 

If you want a course with more personal coaching, click here.  

For more information and sign up, click here: http://www.adwords-kurs.no/adw...